The American Art Awards are chosen by the 25 top galleries in the nation. This year there were nearly 2000 submissions from 62 different countries and we are thrilled to announce that Steve has ranked in the Top 5 in the world for Landscape Impressionism and Abstract.

Art Tour International –  Top 6O Masters – 2020

Steve Lyons is named as one of ATIM’s Top 60 Masters for 2020.

A Conversation with Steve Lyons

While undergoing 6 weeks of cancer treatments, Steve Lyons gave an interview with a new YouTube based online magazine, DocOffClock.  The discussion with the host, who is also a physician, ranged from creativity & creating, to applying metaphor & concept in the creation of art, to his recent medical experiences.  Watch “Woman in Garden – Interview with Artist Steve Lyons”.

Meeting Steve Lyons, a world-renowned artist

Steve Lyons is a world-famous and award-winning artist from Ohio. While Steve’s main studio is located in Chatham, Massachusetts, he lived in New York City for several years and therefore is very knowledgeable about the New York art scene.

A Call From the Sirens: The Work of Steve Lyons

“Through his many series, painter and Impasto master, Steve Lyons, captures a range of emotions, stretching from Cape Cod to Berlin, and back again. If you flip through his creations, you’ll notice a shift in time, mindset, empathy and what seems to be a shift of worlds.” –Samantha Matcovsky, The Huffington Post

An Abstract Artist with a Point of View

“He was raised in poverty in the Appalachia in southern Ohio. After managing to go to college, he followed what he had always been intuitively drawn to: art.” –Kasey Caminiti, DuJour Magazine

How Artist Steve Lyons is Turning a Cape Cod Town into an International Must-See Art Destination

“As the former personal assistant to Judith Crist and Pia Zadora, Steve Lyons has had what many may term an eclectic life. Fast forward through some twists and turns, Lyons has now become a premier artist who’s bringing collectors and admirers from all over the world to a small Cape Cod town.” –Larua Richards, Art of the Times Magazine

Fine Artist Steve Lyons Ignites The Art World By Revitalizing The Impasto Technique

“In 2013, Lyons was the first American to share the main exhibition prize at the Stadtgalerie in Germany, and was offered a mentorship by famed Finnish designer Markku Piri. Steve has gained near instant recognition from the art world for his use of the impasto technique that some critics believe has changed painting.” –Carly Zinderman, JustLuxe

Bloomingdale’s to host first-of-a-kind exhibition featuring celebrated artist, Steve Lyons

“From the iconic brown bags to the innovative displays, Bloomingdale’s has always set itself apart as not just a department store, but an entity of American culture. Now, a Boston area Bloomingdale’s is taking that tradition to the next level and teaming up with award-winning American artist, Steve Lyons, to host a first-of-a-kind event…”

Steve Lyons: “The Best Art is That Which is Organic to the Person Creating It”

“Artist Steve Lyons explores and conveys the textures and layers of both the natural world and human experience. Lyons uses rich color and poignant gestural marks to create tangible landscapes, expressive figures and balanced, abstracted works. He also sometimes ventures further into three-dimensional realms with found object incorporation and assemblage sculpture.” –J. Travers, AskArtists

The Rules of Abstraction: A Conversation on Art with Steve Lyons

“That’s how it is with Steve Lyons’s art– life is pervasive throughout. It is easy to imagine movement, just on the periphery of what exists on the canvas. It’s as though in the mere seconds that just passed or are shortly approaching, ample and spirited life takes place all around.” –Cara Vincent, Bellus Magazine

Painter Takes a Knife to His Paintings

“In his bold signature pieces, which began as seascapes, Lyons finds ways to blend the representational and the abstract with methods that challenge the very notion of what a painting can be, visually, or on the surface of the work itself.” –Hank Putnam,