The story

In early March 2020,
multi award-winning artist, Steve Lyons,
saw flashes of light in his peripheral vision
while painting in his Cape Cod studio.
For an artist, VISION is everything.

Lyons is internationally renowned
by critics, collectors, and fellow artists
for his sculptural painting technique
and has exhibited extensively around the world.

Lyons was diagnosed with brain cancer,
and turned to
 the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
where he began treatment.

Ultimately, Steve decided that
surgery and participation in a clinical trial
at UCLA with Dr. Linda Liau
was his best path forward.

As treatment began at UCLA,
Lyons conceived of an art-based
fundraising event to benefit prospective
Brain Tumor Center patients

Surgery at UCLA was a success.
Rehabilitation and
the clinical trial have commenced.
Lyons is looking forward to planning his homecoming
and to creating art again…

Join Steve Lyons in supporting the work
of Dr. Linda Liau at the UCLA Brain Tumor Center
through a special fundraising event.
Through the months of December and January,
a percentage of sales of both originals and reproduced originals
will go toward this cause. Please mention “UCLA” when making your purchase.


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